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Mollie Payment Module

SKU: Payments.Mollie
Manufacturer part number: PaymentMollie

About this module


  • Supports all payment methods from Mollie except for Klarna
  • Payment method selection outside the webshop
  • Multi currency support
  • Support for Mollie V2 API
  • Allows refunds and partial refunds
  • Supports the CustomOrderNumber as of nopCommerce 3.90
  • Supports NopCommerce 3.70 and above
  • Logging of all communication to and from mollie as order note
  • Works alongside other payment modules


  • Only one single payment fee is possible for all methods

Click here to watch a video on acquiring, installing and activating this module (english spoken)

About Mollie

With Mollie you can build your business wherever you want. Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, Mollie supports all major payment methods.

  • One contract. Access all major payment methods with a single contract.
  • One integration. A single integration to accept all major payment methods.
  • Multiple acquirers. Added reliability through multiple acquiring banks.
  • Always secure. From PCI-DSS to PSD2, all your safety needs are taken care of.

About actOpus

actOpus brings another level of automation to your business. We specialize in the development of independent financial and ERP software as well as platform integrations of NopCommerce, Mollie, MyParcel, ShopsUnited, NopFinance,, Amazon, and the dutch Chambre of Commerce.


You must purchase a license for each domain that you want to use this plugin for. 

A domain license can be activated on an infinite number of sub domains. Therefore do not enter the www. prefix

We will need any of the following access types to your server:

RDP access

Team Viewer (through your desktop)


You are required to watch and monitor the entire installation and configuration procedure.

€69.95 excl tax
  • subtitles Installation procedure and description

    Quick installation guide

    • 1. Is this your first purchase at actOpus? If yes then first copy the License Manager plugin folder to the plugins directory
    • 2. Copy the purchased plugin folder to the plugins directory
    • 3. reload your plugins in nopCommerce
    • 4. Is this your first purchase at actOpus? If yes then first install the License Manager plugin. No config needed
    • 5. Install the purchased plugin
    • 6. Register your plugin in the License Manager configuration screen.
    • 7. Configure the purchased plugin 

    To install this plugin, follow this procedure:

    • 1. Locate the root folder of your webshop. This folder should contain other folders like 'Administration, bin, Content, Plugins, Themes' and more.
    • 2. Next open the folder 'Plugins'
    • 3. Unzip the contents of the downloaded file into this 'Plugins' folder. The zip file already contains a folder for the plugin 'Payments.Mollie' so when you unzip make sure you select the 'use folder names' option. 

    Now your 'Plugins' folder should contain a folder named 'Payments.Mollie'. Latter should contain a dozen files.

    Configuring the plugin 

    To configure this plugin, follow this procedure:

    • 1. Go to your nopCommerce administration environment.
    • 2. From the top menu 'Configuration', select the sub menu 'Plugins'.
    • 3. Click the button 'Reload list of plugins', usually located just below the right top of the screen.
    • 4. After a minute or so, the list is renewed and you will see the plugin 'Mollie All Payment Methods'. Its system name is: Payments.Mollie.AllMethods/Payments.Mollie'
    • 5. Click on the button 'Edit', it's just below the plugin. Check 'is enabled' and save
    • 6. Back in the list: Click on the button 'Configure', it's just below the plugin.
    • 7. In 'Live API Key' copy your Live API Id, provided by Mollie
    • 8. In 'Test API Key' type your Test API Id, provided by Mollie
    • 9. Check 'Use test mode' if you want to test your payments. Uncheck this option for Live payments!
    • 10. Set '' to 0.0 if you don't want to charge your customers for payments. 
      • When ' is set to a value <> 0.0 then check 'Additional fee. Use percentage' if you want to charge your customer based on a percentage of the order value. In that case the value for 'Additional fee' is interpreted as a percentage in stead of fixed fee. Please keep in mind that the additional fee applies to all of the payment methods provided by Mollie.
    • 11. Select 'Direct user to the order details screen' if your want your customer to be redirected to their order screen upon payment (succesfull or unsuccesfull)
    • 12. Click 'Save'

    A list of all of your payment methods now appears below 'List of all methods supported by your Mollie account.'

    if not, check your merchant info and try again.

    Tech FAQ

    • Problem: I get a 404 error when I try to configure the plugin
      • Cause: Routing tables not loaded
      • Solution: Open the file global.asax in the root of your webshop. Add a 'white space' character at the end of the file, outside the XML tag. Save the file and call up your webshop. 
    • Problem: The order status is not changed after a payment has been done
      • Cause: You most likely have entered a webhook url in your Mollie Dashboard.This is not neccessary as the plugin passes a proper webhook to Mollie upon payment.
      • Solution: Remove the webhook url in the Mollie Dashboard. Click here to go to your Mollie Dashboard.

    Otherwise, buy support from actOpus.

    GDPR Information

    What information is sent to Mollie?

    • A unique transaction code to identify the payment 
    • An order description stating the order Id of NopCommerce
    • The amount payable
    • shipping address:
      • street and house number
      • zip code
      • city
      • region
      • country
    • billing address:
      • street and house number
      • zip code
      • city
      • region
      • country

    What information is retrieved from Mollie?

    • A unique transaction code to identify the payment
    • The payment outcome: Canceled, Paid.
    • A unique refund transaction code to identify the refund
    • The refund outcome

    What happens when a customer wants their NopCommerce account to be deleted?

    -Payment information at Mollie will not be deleted as it is a legal obligation of payment providers to keep track of all payments

  • library_books Products specifications
    Required Microsoft .NET version 4.5.1
    License period in years 20
    Support type Bug fixes
    Upgrades included? 3
    nopCommerce versions 3.70
    nopCommerce versions 3.80
    nopCommerce versions 3.90
    nopCommerce versions 4.00
    nopCommerce versions 4.10
  • label Product tags
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