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Bol.Com.Plaza API library for .Net

Connects to the Bol.Com Plaza API . Supports all Plaza API services. Available for .Net 4, 4.5.x, 4.6framework.
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    Our Bol.Com Plaza API library supports all of the functionality as available by Bol.Com. Upload offers, new prices and stock. Download orders and payments. Process orders and shipments.

    The library is maintained on a 'Eat your own dogfood' basis. As actOpus hosts many webshops with bol.Com integration we're always the first to develop new features. You want more? Drop us a mail. Need integration services with your ERP system? Drop us a mail. Our .Net specialists can help out.



    PlazaAPIClient client = new PlazaAPIClient(publicKey, privateKey, baseUrl);
    OfferCreate outOffer = client.CreateOffer(externalId, offer);
    outOffer = client.UpdateOffer(externalId, offer);
    outStock = client.UpdateStock(externalId, stock);



    PlazaAPIClient client = new PlazaAPIClient(publicKey, privateKey, baseUrl);
    OpenOrders orders = client.GetOrders();
    foreach (OpenOrdersOpenOrder order in orders.OpenOrder)

    ProcessOrdersResult result = client.ProcessOrders(orders);




    PlazaAPIClient client = new PlazaAPIClient(publicKey, privateKey, productsUrl);
    Payments payments = client.GetPaymentsForMonth(year, month);